Joosti talu, Tõutsi küla
Otepää vald
Valga maakond 67303

Laiuskraad: N57°57’0.618
Pikkuskraad: E26°28’23.106
+372 5184662
+372 5066432

Familiar gnarled oaks and slender birches welcome the traveller with deference from afar. Thoughts about work and the noise of the far-off city are left behind at the gate. It is wonderful to be here. Guests feel like they are in their own country homes.

Creative people enjoy the marvellous charms of nature. People who work in offices can relax and simply enjoy some time with their families. In the summer, you can run barefoot in the grass here, pick strawberries on the edge of the forest, dream to the sound of a cock crowing and listen to your own thoughts. In the winter, while gliding on skis, you can marvel at the beautiful hilly landscape, and you can jump into a cooling ice hole right from a hot sauna.

We welcome large and small groups of people. Here you can participate in sports, barbecue, camp out, enjoy the pleasures of the sauna or swim in a pond. You can shoot arrows, play volleyball and do lots of other fun things.

We can accommodate 15 people at a time, and in addition, we provide unlimited camping possibilities. Otepää and Kääriku are only 15 km away and it is only 7 kilometres to the Tartu Marathon as the crow flies.

Come and spend your holiday with us! You are always welcome at the Joosti Holiday House!

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